Rose’s Journey

1944, New Orleans. An unlikely courtship with an Italian prisoner-of-war forces the daughter of Sicilian immigrants to choose between tradition and independence. Rose works in a shipyard, struggling to escape her mother’s version of Catholic womanhood. Her sister Laura is an Army nurse, writing letters home filled with excitement and romance—a stark contrast with Rose’s sheltered life. When she meets Sal, an Italian prisoner-of-war held at nearby Jackson Barracks, Rose struggles to balance her deepening relationship and family expectations with her dream of a different kind of life. Inspired by true events, THE ITALIAN PRISONER is the story of a young woman charting her own course at an inflection point in an America tempered by loss but bright with promise.

“White Rose for Livia,” by Kathleen Speranza

(c) 2020 Elisa M. Speranza